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Enjoy the clear waters of Cabriel River in Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park 

This activity is ideal for families and stag / hend day parties.

From the village of Venta del Moro, we head to the stretch of river known Cabriel "Tamayo", each with his own car. After properly equip (wetsuit, helmet, vest, ...) will receive a safety briefing and begin the descent will last about 2 hours. After the descent, we change the clothes and our van will make the change until the cars. The total activity takes about 5 hours since we left Venta del Moro until our return to the same point.

Time from Valencia to the river: near 2 h

Duration: 2 hours


Rafting: €40 per person, €35 kids under 12 years old.

Rafting + transfer: €70 per person and €65 per kid under 12 years old.













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Mijares River carving a deep canyon known as the Strait of Chillapájaros locally Montanejos Castellon. The duration is around 2 hours.  

This section contains the most powerful commercial rapids of Valencia. The inflatable rafting will allow us to enjoy, safe in the hands of our guides. LinkVIDEO

Montanejos has one of the best climbing schools in the Valencian Community, if we are lucky to fall over you can see climbers doing one of the awesome climbing of this unique school.

We are the only company that ofers transfer from Valencia and changing rooms. 




  • Rafting: 44€ per person.
  • Rafting + Transfer: 75€ per person.



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Enjoy the rafting closest to Valencia in the waters of the River Turia. Within the Natural Park of the Turia.


For Whom:

This activity is ideal for families and school groups. And for anyone who wants to spend a fun day in nature.


The meeting Point is in our base in Riba-Roja del Turia

Length and duration:

The stretch that we descend is Vilamarxant-Ribarroja del Turia. In total there are 5 km and it took us to decenderlo between 1.5 and 2 hours.



We can say without problems is a walk in Rafting on the River Turia. It is not a recommended activity for those looking for strong emotions, since the sections is of low intensity and danger. It has no quick or jumps that could tip over the boat. The really attractive is the landscape and the environment where we are. Turia characteristics make there are many jogs and narrow passages, in which we should be attentive to the orders of the Rafter, our guide into the vessel during the descent.

If you are looking for is a river where a stroll in boat with the family, or if tines fear of leaving children alone, if you want to enjoy half-day family refreshing you in the river while we descend, without having to make many kilometers or lose an entire day on it, this is tua activity. RAFTING on the river TURIA!


Material needed:


  • swimsuit and t-shirt wet
  • tied sneakers or boots
  • Towel, sunscreen
  • water
  • dry clothes 



35€ adults
30€ children under 9
Minimum group 6 pax, and the configuration of the boat needs at least 2 adults per 1.5 children




Pack Transfer + Lunch Menu + Rafting: 60€ adults and 55€ children under 9
Pack Rafting + Lunch Menu: 45€ adults and 41,50€ children under 9 


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Whitewater rafting is a sport and a recreational activity. With rafting you have to go through the course of rivers in the direction of the current (downstream), on any type of boat or raft. Those whitewater rivers  have some degree of turbulence, that is why they have the name 'whitewater rivers', because of the color of the foam which appears when the river is turbulence. 

It is possible to go rafting with Valencia Adventure in Cabriel River,  Mijares River and Turia River



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