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Do you know where the name of Les Rodanes come from?

The hoard of the area has a very high natural value because of the siliceous sandstone, commonly known as red stone or rodeo.Les Rodanes is a mountain in the Turia Natural Park. In 2002 592ha (5,92km2) of the area was declared as a Municipal Natural Area.

Have you ever heard about the legends of the Cave of Colom?

Well, there are two actually! The first is about a pigeon. The pigeon was released at the cave, then disappeared and somehow appeared in Picassent  -a village located several kilometers away- . So that is why it seems like the cave functions as a dimensional door, according to the legend.

The second legend is even documented based on a false story. In 15th century 4 or 5 men visited the cave and then they were seeing and hearing extraordinary things. The men told the people that their lives were saved by religious invocation. They wanted to scare the people by telling this story.  Afterall some knights from Valencia went to the cave and realized and revealed the story is not true.

After considering the legends, grab your hiking boots and explore this amazing, diverse place in Spain.

While you walking in the forest, you can see white pines, mastic trees and arbutus. Not only interesting kind of trees you can find but there are underground cavities for waiting being discovered. Lots of vegetation and native plants can be seen along the wood road.

How you can get to this beautiful mountain?

It is a part of the area of Vilamarxant (Villamarchante), Valencia. You can access this natural place from the residental area of Monte Horquera.

Once you find the path into the forest it is impossible to get lost. There are waymarked trails in the mountain, called PR-CV175 Les Rodanes.

The route itself is 13 km long, which leads through the Rodana Gran, the Bassa Barreta, Els Cavallons, the Rodana del Pic and Les Trinxeres de la Ferradura. Bassa Barreta is a small semi-naural wetland, where extensive razing is working.

Enjoy the nature!

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