Teambuilding activities with horses are available throughout Spain.  

We perform dynamics that allow us to naturalize conflicts, frictions, lack of communication or the general demotivation of a working team. Out instructor, Luis Lentijo, guarantees a surprising and original experience. 

In teambuilding with horses it's not required that the participant have previous knowledge of riding. The activity consists a set of individual and group dynamics where the participant have to achieve different challenges. The challenges that are proposed to the group are interaction with horses on foot, to land and in some tests it will requires the participant to climb on the back of the animal. 

We offer two different possibilities:

Horse assisted outdoor training

This posbility consist an experimental workshop where the horse facilitate the learning process of the group. There is nothing more effective that directly going to detect the work and promote self-knowledge of people and the cohesion of the group. 

With this dynamics, there are different aspect of the team that are improving: 

  • Trust and empathy between team members and leaders
  • Commitment and involvement of team members 
  • Responsibility (each team member recognizes there role and the scope of their individual potential)
  • The motivation and personal improvement of each team member
  • The quality of the communication between the working group 
  • The collaboration and cooperation of all, in the pursuit of a common goal

Assisted leadership with horses

The goal of this workshop is to identify the most relevant competencies and skills in the development of the professional and personal leadership of the members of an organization. Horses are social animals with a hierarchical position in the group. They have an extreme sensory ability to "read" and detect problems and threats that may occur. The animal works in reality and communicates with the rest of the living beings until depositing it's trust in the authentic leader. When a person interacts with a horse, the horse does not focus on what a person say's want but on their true intentions. 

With this workshop the members of the organization benefit from aspects such as:

  • Develop a style of leadership 
  • Increased ability to take decisions in complex environments an situations
  • Increasing our ability to generate trust in others
  • Development of our creativity when it comes to adding new ways of action
  • Increase the effectiveness of our verbal and corporal communication 
  • Increasing our ability to manage stress
  • Increasing our ability to empathize with others
  • Recognition and confrontation of our own limitations. 

Contact us for more information about our program and dynamic teambuilding activities with horses. Workshops are available in English. 


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13 Jan 2022 10:00AM - 12:00PM
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30 Jun 2022 10:00AM - 12:00PM

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