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  • Cantidad (€, normally the amount paid corresponds to 50% of total activity, the 50% remaining is paid in cash the day of the activity.) But if you want you can make the full payment.)

Before proceeding to the payment of an activity, check availability of dates and groups. You can get in contact to contact us on the phone 674 248 620 – 961 537 812 or through [email protected]

Transfers only enabled customers of la Caixa

Cards accepted Visa and Mastercard

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Paracaidismo: 20€/por persona Ala delta 20€/por persona. Resto de actividades: 50% del total de la actividad. El importe restante se paga en efectivo el día de la actividad.

We inform you that the personal data in this document will be used only by processing your payment. You can use your data treatment rights contacting with: [email protected]

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Las Fotos de tus Actividades!

Ya puedes ver las fotos de tus actividades en nuestra galería!

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Si ya has saltado puedes ver el video de tu salto aquí.



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