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Do you know the what is water polo? Do you know what is canoening? So then what can be canoe polo..?

The sport made its debut at the World Games in 2005. World Games in an international multi-sport event, meant for sports that are not contested in the Olympic Games.

Canoe polo is the canoening team sport which is played by two teams of five players. The pitch is -rectangular in shape- could be in open water or in swimming pool. The aim to score into a goals taking place above the water at the ends of the pitch. The ball must be familiar for you, the same is used in water polo. The ball can be controlled by hands or paddles.

However the first national championship was held in England in 1971, the first world championship was more than 20 years later in 1994 in England where 18 men´s team and 6 women´s team competed. Australia won the finals of both genders by beating Germany. In the men´s division the Netherlands and France are the most successful, in the women´s divison Germany and Great Britain are the strongest ones so far. The last world championship was in Siracusa in 2016. 


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