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In Spain there are over 1,900 kilometres of unused railway infrastructure have been converted into cycling and hikers routes under the Greenways Program, coordinated by the Spanish Railways Foundation.
Rail, greener transportation, provides new ways of non-motorized transport across the railway lines that are out of service. 

In Spain in 1993 there were over 7,600 km of lines that no longer have rail service, or never came to get it for being unfinished construction. This heritage of great historical and cultural value, is rescued from oblivion and its total disappearance, since it offers a huge potential to develop reuse initiatives for ecotourism purposes, according to the new social demands. (source

Itineraries can be one or two days. The packages consist of transportation from Valencia round trip for you and your bike, accommodation and full meals (for routes of 2 days), the guidance is optional. The routes can be made on your own way


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