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 At Valencia adventure we have the best facilities for paintball. Enjoy our 4 different scenarions for playing your best game possible. In addittion the center is equipped with bathrooms, changing rooms, a picnic area and a barbecue. 

Differents scenarios & Themes

With Valencia Adventure you can add a theme to your paintball game. For this we have four different scenarios. In which you carry out your mission with the help of our monitors. The monitors will be responsible guiding your game in different areas like; a cemetery, an abonded abbey, the assault on a castle or battle for life in a military camp. 


Valencia Adventure provides the right materials to enjoy the sport to the maximum. Minimizing the inconviences. 



For paintball we offer the Tippman 98 Custom and the Tippman FT-12 gun for our adult customers. It is one of the most reliable paintball guns out there. It especially works well if your a beginner. As you can perfectly control the firing rate and aim on your opponents from a greater distance. They have a capacity of 400 shots and a magazine which fits up to 200 paintballs. 



The mask is used whithin the playing areas. This mask is there to protect. So cannot be removed during playing at any time. This can only be done after the player has left the playing field and all guns are put back at safety mode. 



Gloves don't seem entirely necessary but like all protection, you only miss it once it's necessary. 



We will equip you with disposable coveralls to respect hygiene. In different colours so you will be able to differentiate yourself from you opponent. 

We equip you with breastplates that will allow you to be protected but without limiting your ability to move during the game. In this way you gain a greater experience with less risk. 




The youngerst of the house can also enjoy this great sport. For them we have special markers of lesser power and following packs:

  • From Monday to Thursday: €15 per kid with 100 balls.
  • From Friday to Sunday: €15 per kid with 50 balls.
  • Additional charge 100 balls: €5
  • Canteen of 500 balls: €40



  • Pack PLUS: This pack can help you make a fisrt contact:
    • €20 per person with 200 balls.
  • Pack SAVING: 
    • €25 per person with 400 balls.
  • Pack NOCTURNO: 
    • €20 per person with 100 balls, lighting, laser pointer and smoke bombs
  • Additional recharge: 
    • 100 balls per €5
    • 2000 balls per €80



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