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Puenting en Valencia | valenciadventure.com
Puenting en Valencia | valenciadventure.com
Puenting en Valencia | valenciadventure.com

What is Bungee?


Bungee jumping is an extreme sport, specifically, a type of corded jumps done from a bridge using dynamic climbing ropes as a pendulum.
Not all variations are executed jumping off a bridge. However the standard bungee jumping is always done from a bridge (and nothing but a bridge). There are similar activities (super jump, sky coaster, swing jumping), where jumps on a pendulum without bridge, but in that case, it is not bungee jumping


The bungee jumping was invented in the early seventies in Cruseilles near Annecy, France. A German climber (based in Switzerland) called Helmut Kiene tie a cord in one of the bridges crossing the “Usses” river and jumped them from the other side. These two bridges distance about 50m, so that a pendulum was built ​​of similar dimensions. This new activity was known as the pendulum of Kiene in the climbing jergon. In Castilian spanish was called as “Puenting”, from the Spanish bridge and playing with the English words of other adventure activities (hiking, jogging, rafting, canyoning ...)

In Spain, bungee jumping began to expand in the early 80s, when some climbers found a way to perform it with a single bridge, passing the string below it, and today dozens of bridges that are used for activity. Interestingly, the Spanish word “Puenting (neither technology, nor the term) is known only in the area of influence of Castilian Spain, despite being invented in France by a German living in Switzerland (countries, virtually unknown activity). The Spanish has been the vehicle who has opened the doors to the wide audience of these sport.                                                                                                                                                        Font: wikipedia


What is pupuenting?


The double bungee jumping is an extreme sport, specifically, a type of corded jump that is done jump from a bridge using a dynamic climbing tiered rope. This variety of bungee jumping for bridges especially high when there are two consecutive pendulum falls, the first in the form of traditional bungee jumping, but followed by another which is usually twice the size.


The double bungee jumping was created by Gerarta Arotzena to take better profit of the bridge Azkarate-Madariaga in Azkoitia (Baskian country). This is a bridge of 61 m high at its peak, but, given its width only take advantage of falling about 24, about 37 left over at its deepest point. So for several years different solutions were analysed to overcome this problem.




In Valencia Bungee Jumping we have develop a different technique when you release the jump cords that gives the same feeling wanted by Gerarta, but without passing the cord twice under the bridge. For this we are using the technical means currently on the mountain sports market. Our bridge does not have the desired height to drop the same distance in double jump, but you can be just 3 meters from the landing point, just touching the sore!!!!


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