Do I need to communicate any injuries or illness?

Of course, always is better to know if you suffer from any heart disease or any other injury that can affect you during the jumps. In this cases you should contact your doctor and inform us in advance

Who can practice the bungee jumping?

Anyone lover of thrills and extreme sports. Those who want to feel the adrenalin flow through your body. Bungee jumping is not only the sensation of falling and rising again feeling the emptiness, is much more, is to decide jump in a free fall to the vacuum, ignoring your common sense and challenging your mind that force your body to follow your thoughts.

Is required a minimum group to jump?

Yes, depending on the jump area, the size of the group is different. In Valencia as a minimum the group can be formed by 4 people, and in Alicante will be 6.

What if we did not get the minimum group?

Nothing, from our central reservation desk we will inform you if there any other group interested with a confirmed reservation, so that people alone and couples can also join the activity.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, you do. Only when the activity is confirmed we can accept last minutes request, but you need contact us in advance so that we can prepare the equipment for the larger group.

How do I book my jump?

Using a reservation form that you can get online or calling to the # +34 692 032 785, emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How far in advance do I need to book my jump?

Always is better to do it a few days in advance. The sooner you book the better chances you have to get the dates you want.

Do I need to do a pre-payment to book my jump?

Yes, just have to transfer the following account IBAN 2100 4807 41 2100127092 LA CAIXA, 50 of the overall price for the activity, or the full amount is this is more convenient for you.

What means of payment are accepted?

Booking can be done via wire transfer or ATM. However, the remaining amount will be paid in the bridge for which we only accept cash.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 48h cancellation notice. If you inform us prior to this deadline, no problem, we would keep your booking for a different day.

How can I go the jumping bridge if I don’t have my own car?

We have bus for bungee jumping located in Valencia (now not available). The transportation service to other locations is available from 15€/person.Request by mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  price and availability for groups over7 persons. You need to notify how many people you are and we drive you to the bridge in Alcoy (alicante) or Albentosa (Teruel). Departure points are “Rosas” metro station for jumps in Valencia (not available) and University roundabout for Jumps in Alicante.

In case of rain, is the activity cancelled?

We always consider the weather conditions, and if know that the chance of rain is 100% we inform you in advance and postpone the jumps for the following week.

What is the bridge location?

You can download the bridge map from the “location” menu.

Is there any parking slot?

Yes, in both jumping locations there are wide parking facilities where you can park your car for free.

Can I bring any spectators?

Of course, as many as you want. Should you use our bus, you have to inform in advance and the price is the same, 5€/person.

Are you recording any videos for free?

We record a video (if you authorise it) with all the jumps that are posted in our website and in youtube.

Can I take my own photos and videos?

Of course, eventually you have even better cameras that ours and we request you to share the videos with us so that we can make full film with soundtrack and fancy effects.

Can I jump with my camera?

Yes, but need to be small and fixed. Please make an early note to us so that we can give you the hooks, helmet, etc

Is for free if I am naked?

No, please, the would only get the people distracted. Nothing good for the fun.

Can I jump with someone at the same time?

Yes, in the tandem variaty

Any age limitation to jump?

You have to be older than 16 years old, if you are between 16 and 18 we request parental authorization signed as a mandatory requirement and, if posible, that the come on the jumping day. If they do not come, we will call them just to verify that they are fine with the jump.

Can I chose how many jumps I will contract once we are in the bridge?

Yes, with your reservation you have a minimun a jump, if you want more, just ask once there.

Have ever an accident happened?

No, our bungee jumping service is totally safe.

Is there any river under the bridge?

In Valencia, the Júcar river flows under the bridge but the fall is in the right side of it

In Alicante, there a ravine under the bridge though normally is dry.

What kind of clothes should a wear?

We recommend that you bring hiking shoes because after the jump you will have to rise from the bed of the river to the bridge and the walkway is the most tiring part of this activity (said by our customers).
Logically proper clothing, we are not demanding anything, but you have to take into account how the weather look before you leave home, usually in the summer you will have plenty of sunshine, more in Valencia as in Alicante you have the sea breeze. Which very important in summer is much hydration, sunscreen and a hat or alike. In winter, of course winter outerwear.


If you have additional questions not included in this list, please contact us and we will happy to reply


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