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Buenos días Aventureros, retomamos nuestra buena costumbre de ir insertando videos interesantes de los deportes/deportistas que más seguimos. Aquí os dejamos con la historia de superación y sufrimiento de Adam Ondra en su conquista de la cueva de Flatanguer. Una vía cotada como 9C, el primero de la historia. 

Sirvase para que las nuevas promesas y niños que empiezan en este deporte tomen nota de que las cosas no se regalan, hay que lucharlas.

Have you ever dreamed that you can fly? Turn this fantasy into a real experience! 

Paratrike 2


From the first documented flight of history (Wright, 1903) until the first paratrike flight many intrepid have been interested in recreating the flight of birds. Thanks to these visionaries anyone today can fly and conquer the sky. 

Throughout the twentieth century we have made great strides in sky science. And every time new forms of flying and artillery arise, that allows us to plan following the air currents as the birds do. 

Before choosing the mode of flight that you want to practise it is important that you know the difference between a flight with motor and without motor. Always keep in mind that none of them can be compared to a traditional flight with an airline. 

Don't get lost in the mountain and learn how to orientate yourself! 

Musgo norte

Getting lost during an outdoor walk is more common that it looks. In most of the cases we get lost because we decided to abandon the known path and make our own. If you like to go on an adventure in the woods and make your own footpaths, you need to learn how you orientate yourself in the natural environment. 

Study the terrain and make a map

If you want to make your route work, you need a plan ahead. What you want to do, an where you want to go. Our advice is that you consult the characteristics of the place that you will travel. Determine what your conditions are, how does the area looks, are there mountains, rivers, recreational areas and so on. If there is anything special you mark it. 

Once you know the characteristics of the area you have to decide how many kilometres you want to walk and how long it will take you. Are you a pro, a beginner, is the area flat, do you have to climb a mountain or are there a lot of height difference? It all plays his part. 


Hola bikers and adventurers,

enjoy the lovely Mediterranean climate, go on a bike trip along the road which is more than 2000 years old and links more than 90 monuments.

Via Augusta also known as Via Herculea was a 1500 km long Roman road from the Pyrenees Mountains to Cádiz passing through big cities like Girona, Barcelona, Tarragona, Sagunto, Valencia. The road was named after Emperor Augustus. Nowadays there are parts which cannot be walked, although in the region of Valencia the route covers 425km. 

While biking you can see beautiful landscapes, different parts of the cities, churches, old water mills and so on. From Valencia to Castellón the route is 97km long. In Valencia there are two places mark the ancient route, the Museum of Almoina and the Palace of the Borja. Furthermore there are two milestones mark the Vía Augusta one in the street of San Vicente and one in Alameda. In Castellón the Roman Arch of Cabanes marks the passage of the Roman road. Don´t miss the amazing places surround the Via Augusta, Albufera Nature Reserve in Valencia, Las Palmas Desert in Castellón and the Carrascal de la Font Roja Nature Reserve in Alicante.

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Valencia Adventure, Boglárka Varga

Hola adventurers!

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Do you know the what is water polo? Do you know what is canoening? So then what can be canoe polo..?

The sport made its debut at the World Games in 2005. World Games in an international multi-sport event, meant for sports that are not contested in the Olympic Games.

Canoe polo is the canoening team sport which is played by two teams of five players. The pitch is -rectangular in shape- could be in open water or in swimming pool. The aim to score into a goals taking place above the water at the ends of the pitch. The ball must be familiar for you, the same is used in water polo. The ball can be controlled by hands or paddles.

However the first national championship was held in England in 1971, the first world championship was more than 20 years later in 1994 in England where 18 men´s team and 6 women´s team competed. Australia won the finals of both genders by beating Germany. In the men´s division the Netherlands and France are the most successful, in the women´s divison Germany and Great Britain are the strongest ones so far. The last world championship was in Siracusa in 2016. 


Valencia Adventure, Boglárka Varga

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